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Re: barefoot

thanks, Michelle, this was my point, simply stated.

Terry B.

>> True, but......having seen a barefoot horse road founder in Arizona a few
>> years back, I don't take this whole subject lightly at all.
>Hi Beverly,
>I understand the compassion for the road foundered horse.  The road founder
>I have experienced was shod - a gorgeous little Al-Marah bred mare last
>that was at my vets clinic that had been over-ridden in the rocks.  Do we
>know that shoes will save a horse from excess shock from surfaces they were
>not conditioned for, whether shod or unshod (not an argumentative question,
>I really would like to know)?
>I am not defending every individual's decision that their horse can go
>without shoes, obviously, people make mistakes in judgement on this issue
>well.  But I'd like to be able to decide for myself what level of hoof
>protection my horse requires for a particular ride.  Just like I have the
>right to pick my training & conditioning methods, feed, electrolytes,
>saddle, bit, etc.- all of which can be equally beneficial or detrimental to
>my horse's health.
>While I don't chose to compete without hoof protection on my horse, there
>are a few horses in my region that are barefooted and have wonderful feet
>and finish sound.  I don't think anyone should take that option away from
>Happy trails, lady - send us some of that good California rain, please!

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