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Re: RC: Lyme.

The rash around the site of the bite is not the same as the bull-eye rash that developes later in another area of the body . Treatment is usually not initiated unless a blood test shows positive titers for Lyme. I had to wait 30 days after being bitten because they said titers wouldn't develope til then. I was riding at the time I got bitten but my horse never showed symtoms. I would have the horse tested if it shows symtoms before I started any treatment. If it is positive for Lyme, I'd treat it. Lyme is very destructive to joints and in a horse that age I would think it would be important to prevent any problems associated with the disease.

Pam in MA

I live in So. Calif. and several years ago I had a tick on my abdomen. It
hurt like the devil and was very hard to pull out. I had a huge bulls-eye
rash for several days and was very sore. This was in the days before we heard
of Lymes and I never got sick, so the rash doesn't always mean anything.


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