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Re: RC: [Fwd: RC: Reply to rearing]

In a message dated 6/26/01 5:49:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time,

How do you teach a horse to
> load? I'm not being critical...just interested....and you would NEVER
> get my dressage whip from my hand! <grin> My guys love me anyway!
> Jim an Sun of Dimanche

Jim, maybe the problem was in the way you said  (rough quote here) "tear up
his front legs with the whip".  That just did not set well with me
personally.  I too use a whip to "pester" them with if they're being silly
about loading.  NOT when they are first learning about the trailer.  Big
difference.  You asked how to teach a horse to load into a trailer...if there
aren't any pre-existing fear issues its really pretty easy.  Just takes lots
and lots and lots of time.  You can't teach a horse to load if you've
actually got some where to go that day.  (I learned that one when I was 12
and trying to get my horse into the trailer for our first big show :).


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