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Jon Apsey

Just wanted to pass on the information that a very good friend to all trail
riders in Michigan died on June 23.  Jon Apsey was our points keeper in the
Michigan GLDRA (Great Lakes Distance Riding Association).  He kept track of
our points and our miles.  He has been in the sport in one form or another
since the early 80s.  I can still see him on his old mare Wendy ripping down
trail.  Jon always had a devilish gleam in his eyes, his mare took great
care of him, and they both always had a good time.  I remember one ride
where Jon put his electric fence up for Wendy. Another trail person Dyke had
gone off somewhere to do something and came back at 11 that night!  He did
not know that Jon's fence was there and you guessed it, Dyke walked right
into the electric fence, which was on, and we all heard this huge yelp!!!
You know where he got it!!  I still get a good laugh out of that one and so
did Jon when it happened!!  We will all miss Jon very much.  Jeanie

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