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Fwd: RC: Helmet recommendations?

Hi Jen: If you look at early pictures of AERC riders hardly anyone wore a 
Helmet. My first attempt was a bicycle helmet. Then I had a styrofoam 
Helmet! It was  cool but I doubt it would have protected my head from a 
crash. Then Lexington & Troxel started coming out with selections suitable 
for Endurance riders. You need to go into a store that has a large selection 
and start trying them on. I have gone thru several and now the Troxel Dakota 
is my choice. It has saved my life twice. Good luck Hope

>From: Jennifer Thompson <>
>To: Ridecamp <>
>Subject: RC:  Helmet recommendations?
>Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 09:26:49 -0700
>Okay, I admit it...I'm a total newbie to endurance, and have
>been trail riding for over 20 years without a helmet.
>I realize I've been lucky to not have my head cracked open,
>so no lectures please!  I am changing my ways!
>I am now going to purchase a helmet.  But which kind is
>best?  I'm talking coolness and comfort here.  I'm in
>Sunland, CA, where we ride in very hot weather and I don't
>want to be passing out on the trail.
>I keep seeing Troxels, but there are like 5 different
>kinds!  I'd like the coolest, most light weight, and comfy
>(but still safe) helmet available.
>Thank you for any suggestions!  You guys are always so
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