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Re: RC: Re: Helmet Recommendation

 (kind of combats the Troxel problem of being a 
> little
> oval, 

This must be something new, you're the 2nd person who has mentioned them
being oval. I got one several years ago and hate how round it is!  My
daughter has a newer one and is constantly fighting with the straps.  The
one long piece makes it a royal pain to adjust.  It wants to sit cocked
to the side on her head too.  I actually removed the padding from mine
and if I use that one I ride with the styrofoam right on my head. 
Doesn't bother me.  However, I look like a goob in it and hated it so bad
in ride photos that I just keep going back to my old Lexington.  It's
heavier, but that doesn't bother me.  On a hot day I dip it in water and
it is great.  Nice trickle down effect.  It also stays in place better
for me.  The throat strap is very easy to readjust.  The Troxel wants to
blow back on the back of my head.  Daughter can't wait till she lands on
her Troxel so she can get a Lexington. >g<

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