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Red Rock Ride

If you haven't sent your entry in for this ride...what are you waiting

Okay, let me back-up a bit.  On Saturday, my husband and I had to go to
Bordertown to get shoes on our horses and since Red Rock is just a few miles
from there, I called Carol to see if she could point us in the direction of
the trails that were going to be on her ride.  She went one step further and
actually took us out for about a 7 or 8 mile loop of the trail itself, all
the while pointing out where we would actually be.

I've done two other Nevada rides:  The Gardnerville Gallop (twice) and
Comstock (once).  The Gallop was a tough ride with good trail.  I like the
Comstock, which is close to Red Rock, but the scenery was nothing to write
home about.

Red Rock will be different.  Its absolutely beautiful out there.  Ridecamp
will be at a huge, beautiful ranch where the lady trains and does
hunter/jumpers and actually does fox hunts--well, she really hunts coyotes
<g>.  The owner of the ranch is going to put on some sort of demonstration
for us Friday night in camp.  Anyway, its gorgeous.  The trail is amazing.
I'm used to Nevada rocks and there really weren't any to speak of.  From
what I saw the trail will have awesome footing with some single track
through the sagebrush and some dirt roads.  Its a bit sandy, but not the
deep sand that causes lameness.

When we were riding we came across a band of Mustangs--an old guy, a
stallion, three mares and three foals--it was awesome!  We actually had to
make them move so we could keep going and wouldn't go between the mares and
the stallion.  I've never been that close to the Mustangs before--it was
really special.

Send Carol your won't be sorry!

Dorothy & Elly
Butterfly Valley

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