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Australian System

Sorry if I confused you all with our distances, wasn't sure of the
conversions myself!
To clarify Angie's points, we have to do 2 25's successfully first, then 3
50's if we are novice riders, no matter how experienced the horse.  If we
are qualified riders and start a new horse, we have to complete 3 50's
Doing no more than four rides in ninety days - if you vet out, you can't
just keep going to rides until you complete successfully, got to give the
horse a break.
Points/distance are not affected by your status.
Eary Warning System works by giving points to riders who vet out,
pulse 66 bpm or over - 15 pts,  under 66 bpm 10 pts, metabolic 10, lame 6,
injury 4. (If a horse is withdrawn they attract no points).  For every
succesful completion 4 points are reduced or are removed 12 mths after
event.  If a horse accumulates more than 30 points the rider may be
cautioned.  If a horse V/O over 70 bpm for 3 consecutive rides, rider can be
suspended for up to 12 mths.  Any horse that has been cautioned that has
over 40 pts and less than 60 pts must enter rides as novice until 2 rides
are completed successfully. Over 60pts after caution, rider has to show
cause why horse should not be suspended.

We are all in this sport for the enjoyment of spending time with our horses
and enjoying the scenery, yes sometimes rules can be a bit tough, but seeing
a horse die is much worse. Some experienced riders may think rules are
unecessary because they 'know better', but we have to help people starting
out in this sport understand how to look after themselves and their horses.
So you have to go a bit slower for the first couple of rides, and as  Angie
pointed out, really not that slow, but if you look after your horse, you
don't have to do it again.  Would it really be that bad?


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