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Sick horses at rides

  >>Good: the excellent 
> attitude> of the ride vets who stepped in without any hint of blame,
and the  good > outcome to a> VERY undesirable situation.  

Good case to examine.  If we were under the Australian system...would
this go on your record? My horse coliced the first time I tried giving
probiotics...I gave them at every vet check on a 100 and at 80 miles he
got treatment needed, just walking. I pulled myself since he
had already passed the vet check. I learned my lesson, no punishment
needed other than blowing that ride. If we carried a book around, would
we not be more tempted to avoid returning to the vets on borderline
cases?  I once pulled for thumps (my only metabolic pull other than the
above gassy episode.)  I'd won some over the counter electrolytes (non
endurance brand) and used them. He got thumps. No treatment necessary.
Never used them again, never thumped again. No further punishment
necessary. How would that look on my record?  Would the vet have a way to
differentiate between that and a horse who was ridden into the ground? 
What would my punishment be? Is that part of the "Warning system?"

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