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Re: RC: Dead Horse at NASTR

Sue Mcartney is the best endurance vet out there.  I prefer her checking
my horse than any other.  But then again no one has a better handle on
how a horse is doing than the rider.  Vets can do only so muchand I feel
for them.  If they decide a horse is marginal and ask for the rider to
wait, the rider gets upset. I have been vet secretary at a few rides and
there are many riders who challenge the vets as if the vets were against
them.  I wrote an article once for AERC about doing away with placings
and have only best condition, first second and third and I got blasted.
I still feel we shoud adopt that policy, or we'll lose the sport
entirely. Why being first accross the line is so important to some, I
don't understand.   I much prefer the BC award to first place.
I have done endurance for 12 years, alot before joining AERC, never won
but have done about 35 rides and never once been pulled.  What I enjoyed
most was the miles with my horse and being with so many other horsey
people and the scenery.  Winning isn't everything!  Plz consider that
when competeing and things don't feel right with your horse.  I do want
to add that being pulled is not a disgrace, I was lucky as well as
cautious.  Sometimes pulling  rather going on, shows where your priority
lies.  Every horse has a bad day, recognize that,

Re; NASTR ride, we most wait till all the facts are out and I hope the
horse's death was due to other causes.   Enjoy your horse and take care
of them,their lives are in our hands. 


Linda Eisele & LS Lakota
hubby Allen & LS Iceman
2 great sons-Blue & Nick
canine Scooby, feline Tuna
Reno, Nevada

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