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Title: Newbies

For those that are nervous about their first competition, why don’t you consider volunteering at rides?
I volunteered at Shine and Shine Only’s for a couple of years and have learned a lot, met a lot of
people, and started figuring out the sport.  I went to my first LD and endurance rides all by myself
without a mentor because my mentor wannabe kept on backing out.  But having been at rides volunteering
I DID have a clue about electrolytes, pacing, vetting procedures, etc. so I didn’t feel too out of place.

I was lucky enough on my first (and only) LD ride that I ran into an experienced rider that started
late due to tack problems.  He nursed me through most of the ride, his horse kept a real steady
pace and we enjoyed each other’s company.  He told me that his first endurance ride ever was the
Virginia City 100 and he was caught in a blizzard!!!!!!

There is an advantage to winging these rides on my own – new people are easier to meet and
to talk with if you aren’t riding in a “pod.”


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