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Re: Myler Bits, What I Use

Hi Michelle -

I use these Mylers :

1. Fixed ring "Comfort Snaffle" with ring hooks. The first one I bought,
purchased for Kit.
I went from regular snaffle-type action, to using the hooks to give some
curb-type action.

2. Full cheek snaffle with  ring slot, "Comfort Snaffle" wide barrel.
Purchased for Dani, after I could see she was not quite ready for a curb. I
sent this along with her when she went to the trainer. She is very
comfortable in it.
           The above are both classed as Level One bits. They both have the
independant side action.

3. Curb - 5" HBT (I don't know what this stands for) shank with a
correctional ported barrel mouth. The mouthpeice is curved, it is hinged on
either side of the barrel, and the port measures 1 7/8" high. Each side of
this bit moves independantly of the other. This is Kit's bit after moving up
from the snaffle. This bit is classed as a Level Two or Three bit.

4. Mechanical hackamore - Double ring with flat leather nose. This is for
Kit on the trail.

I have on order the short shank combo bit, for Bobby. Dale did recommend a
different mouthpeice with more tongue room. A very gentle piece of
equipment, and a lot less bulky than a traditional snaffle/sidepull combo.

I am very happy with these bits. So are the kids. Glad you like yours, too.

Ride Safe -

Cheryl in WNY
Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

>Hi Cheryl -
>I have 3 Mylers now.
>Which mouthpieces are you using?
>Happy trails -

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