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Protestable AERC Rule Violation Malibu

>Sheryl Phelps writes:
>I have looked long and hard and have found a rule that would be protestable 
for the >Malibu ride incident with covers both the assault on another riders 
horse (ie:kicking >of other riders horse by a human)and assault on the 
mountain bike rider! Hope this >helps!!

>16. Violations and Penalties

>16.1 Individual violations. Violations include, but are not limited to the

  >  b. Acting, or inciting any other to act, in a manner contrary to the
>rules of the AERC or in a manner considered other wise illegal or 

>    c. Physical assault upon a person &/ or cruelty to an equine.

>16.3 Ride Violations. A sanctioned ride is subject to penalty for,
>including but not limited to the following:

 >    d. Knowingly permitting a suspended person to participate in any
>manner. (she is knowingly dangerous).

>Any thoughts?

Sheryly, I'm such an idiot.  I have no idea how I missed that.  Y'all say it 
with me now:  "Howard, you are such a moron!"

Of course, this is the answer.  Like I said, me quoting the AERC rulebook is 
like Bozo the Clown trying to decipher Physics.  Man, I missed that paragraph 

I hope a witness who rode at Malibu takes Susan up on her offer.  Heck, I'll 
even throw ten bucks into the ring, and I'm the cheapest person I know.  

Thank you Sheryl.

Howard (Dumb and Dumber is my favorite movie)

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