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Re: RC: Stallion Behavior

In a message dated Wed, 20 Jun 2001  9:37:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Jim Holland <> writes:

<< IMHO, If your stallion will not stand nose to nose with another horse,
it IS your fault. There should be no difference in behavior between a
stallion, a gelding, and a mare at an Endurance Ride. It's simply a
matter of training.  >>

Amen, Jim!  And if the stallion is still in a "learning curve" then make him wait outside the crowd until the others are done.

I've always said there are only two reasons why you should even know there is a stallion at a ride:  1)  Someone told you he was a stallion, or 2)  You noticed the testicles.  Any other reason why you are aware that there is a stalion around is socially unacceptable.

Heidi (who has ridden stallions for most of her AERC miles...)

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