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Re: RC: RE: responsibility is the owner's,not the vets

I don't know where Marlene if from Carolyn, but I was just making a point 
tongue-in-cheek...we want the horse checked, not the fashion.  I think CTR 
is a great way to do it and AERC ought to 'borrow' from it.
Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab)

>From: "Carolyn Burgess" <>
>Subject: Re: RC: RE: responsibility is the owner's,not the vets
>Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 16:05:16 -0400
>I don't know where you guys do CTR, but ECTRA doesn't do anything like 
>you've said here.  It is a great training ground for endurance, which I 
>plan to move up to when my horse is ready.  When I did my first CTR, I did 
>ride with an experience rider, which helped me with things like P & R, but 
>we were at a similar riding level and horses of similar capabilities.  
>There was nothing about groomed out horses and the likes.
>Carolyn Burgess
>----Original Message Follows----
>From: Marlene Moss <>
>Subject: RC:  RE: responsibility is the owner's,not the vets
>Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 11:34:19 -0600
><<I really think LD should be changed and copy CTR or NATRC guidelines
>without all the fussing about judging obstacles, tying to trailers etc.
>That is why many people go to LD first and not CTR's...they don't want to 
>judged on how shiny their horse's mane is or if they have a hard time
>mounting from the ground!  >>
>Haha, at my last CTR, we learned that it was important to spray glitter on
>the horse and rider.  Much safer that way I'm sure!
>I would definitely welcome LD rides to have some of the control factors of
>CTR, w/o the judging stuff.  Someone mentioned a ride where a prize was
>given to the rider who came in closest to an unknown "optimal time".  I
>thought that sounded cool.  Probably wouldn't like that to be the biggest
>prize, but definitely could be one important enough to get some attention!
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