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Re: RC: Respnse to Sylvia

In a message dated 6/22/01 9:19:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

I appreciate your questions and hope I have answered them satisfactorily.

Yes, as always :)  I think I've become the official "LD basher" and I'm not
against LD itself (if its the LD that you described -- that is exactly the
way I see it).  What I just don't get is racing that distance, and the people
who demand recognition and that AERC change its philosophy to accommodate
them. (just the way I see it).  To me, LD is a training distance and the
other purposes that you described so well in your post.  Period.  I don't
look "down" on anyone who rides LD for whatever their reasons (except the
racing thing).  I do look down on people who think that racing that distance
and "winning" is an accomplishment.  I just don't.  I don't think
accumulating year-end mileage in LD should be rewarded either.  Very
unpopular of me, eh?  

Also, someone mentioned NATRC as an alternative to LDs and it being too slow.
 The Open divison (50 miles over 2 days) is not terribly slow and pretty much
equals the pace you would use for a longer/tough ride (not top ten speed
though <g>).  I use the pacing that I've learned from NATRC at most of the
endurance rides I've been to.
(The only time I haven't is when my horse had a brain fade and we went HIS
speed for a while =:O)

Since I haven't yet figured out how to avoid getting older (except for the
obvious alternative which is unacceptable :), I'll be riding the shorter
distances too some day.  God willing, my body will hold up as well as yours
has!! (but I think I already missed the boat there!)  Take care and happy


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