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Re: History/Future/dead Horses

Yes, and we have education up the wazoo now, and it doesnt seem to be cutting the mustard.  There is absolutly no excuse for anyone to start completly ignorant, BUT  reading about it and doing it are 2 different things, I would just say any one out there who is reading all this, and about to do their first ride PLEASE attach yourself to someone  who can get you thru your first rides. If you don't know who is who ask the ride manager to introduce you to someone. And if the oldies dont make you feel welcome SHAME ON THEM!  Go find another one. I will be more than glad to ride with anyone. I dont expect the old hot shoes to babysit, but I always go slow, and alot of the older hands do as well.  So there is plenty of help to go around. Annie 
Anne George Saddlery
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At 08:45 AM 6/22/01, Annie George wrote:
>A first time rider MUST be sponsored by someone, like juniors are, maybe
>even for the first few rides, whether LD or Endurance it wouldn't matter
>where they started just so it is with a sponsor. An apprenticeship if you will.

Education is the answer, but it better happen *way* before a first time
rider gets to the ride.

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