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I have not yet done any endurance rides, and hope to do my
first LD this year, and will probably stay with LDs for
quite a while, to get the feel for the sport.

I have a 10 year old Arab mare who has never worn shoes in
her life.  I ride her all over in the hills, on very rocky
terrain (Sunland, CA area) and her feet are great.  My 30
year old mare has never worn shoes either and she has very
good feet too.

Being more of a "natural is better" sort of person, I'm a
big believer in going barefoot.  Of course, I realize that
if one is doing 50 milers often, not to mention 100 milers,
shoes would most likely be needed.  But I won't be even near
those ranks for a long time, I suspect.

Will I be allowed to do LDs barefoot?  Will I catch a lot of
flak?  I ride 20+ miles on my mare now, and she hasn't had a
lame day.  Her hooves don't seem to wear down that fast with
our riding schedule (about 3 days a week).

Just wondering what the general consensus is on this issue.
I really don't want to shoe until I absolutely have to.


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