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Update on low energy horse

Other than one short note from Susan Garlinghouse I got no replies from
anyone about my feed questions on fat/protein, digestible energy, etc and my
low energy horse. I was really curious about what and how other people feed.
Oh well!

I have increased my mares grain and reduced her beet pulp to keep the volume
of feed aprox the same. As I said she'll only eat so much volume of feed
then just walks away.  Sure enough, her energy level under saddle seems to
be coming up. I've taken Susan's advice and I will now be training her to
eat grain from my hand while going down the trail. Gave it a try last night
and she was willing to take it in small amounts. Our upcoming ride will be a
continuation of this training.  I will continue to feed beet pulp daily and
lead  into a competition with numerous small wet feedings. Unfortunately
during a ride she turns her nose up at beet pulp so it'll be hay and small
handfuls of grain. I've had some luck with soaked oat bran as being tasty
enough for her fickle palate. People look at my stocky, dappled coat mare
and would never believe that she is a picky eater.

Bonnie Snodgrass

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