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Re: RC: Great motorized bikers

At 12:49 AM 6/22/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Today Jack and I met motorized dirt bikers on the trail for the first time.
>Somebody is raising their kids right!!!
>These boys (the two looked to be about 13-14) reacted immediately when they
>saw us.  They pulled to the side of the narrow trail, cut their motors, and
>removed their helmets.  Then they waited patiently while I tried to get Jack
>to walk past their bikes.  They even offered to move their bikes back into
>the brush off the trail (I declined their offer and ended up dismounting and
>walking Jack past their bikes).
>What a great experience.  Needless to say, I thanked them profusely.

Perhaps a letter to the editor of your local paper would tell others
about them and perhaps give other motorized bikers some ideas.

Marv "I appreciated their stopping as well and I wasn't even there." Walker

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