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Re: Ortho Flex Loin Rubbing

 I  have run into several clients of mine that have had this problem. ( I am
an endurance trainer .)  The salespeople told them that they were not riding
We used the same saddles on some of my guys and got the loin rub thing
happening.  No real soreness, but eventually ..???  I love some of the older
models I have ridden in, especially the English types.  We have tried many
different body types eg: Arabs, Half Arabs, grades...  It seemed to fit the
Tennessee Walkers pretty well- go figure !!  Most of the riders were told
that they rode incorrectly, that must be it.  I also jumped the Sales Rep at
Equuest in Del Mar this year about the stupid safety belt type stirrup
leathers that kill your legs !  I must also ride incorrectly, per their
standards !  He was nice, but had nothing to offer.  I told him that we would
rather pay an extra hundred bucks and enjoy the saddle !  Oh Well ! That is
all I have to say ! - Heidi Helly

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