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I think there is a facet to Limited Distance rides that so far has not been 
addressed. People seem to spend a lot of time talking about people moving up 
from LD's to 50 milers.  There are some of us that are being forced to think 
in the reverse, making the move in the opposite direction.  There is a whole 
gang of us out there (unfortunately,  probably led by me!) that will have to 
reluctantly admit sooner or later, that 50's and 100's  are too much for us.  
We will then mingle with 25 milers, not on unproven and young horses just 
learning the game, or as riders new to the sport. Our proven horses and our 
years and miles of experience will need a slightly less tough venue. As 
ex-endurance riders we will be proud to call ourselves LD riders and grateful 
that Limited Distance  rides allow us to continue to do what we love best.
Julie Suhr

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