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RC: Hay

Hi Susan and other Nutrition gurus,

I have a chance to buy some Hay that has the following in it:  Mainly 
timothy, some alfalfa, some beardless barley, some oats and some pea plants.  
The amount of peas is small, less than 10% from what I saw in the field.  The 
hay is beautifully put up, no rain.  The grains had not fully headed out, so 
it was cut at a good stage.  I can't have it analyzed right now, unless I 
want to buy some.  This is the first time I've had to buy my own hay.  I've 
heard something about pea hay and horses, but it's been so long ago that all 
I remember is that it was a negative comment.  Does this sound like it would 
be a good mix or a problem.   Thanks, jeri

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