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change of plans for Great Northern Connection

Due to flooding at the Turtle Mountain  Park and the Souris River being to 
high to cross on horseback the usual format for the Great Northern 
Connection of moving camp each day to a new location will have to be 
changed for this year only.  We will be staying at the first days location( 
Spruce Woods Park, the site of the 1999 Pan Am Championship) for all three 
days.  There will be different trails marked for each day so we won't be 
doing a repeat each day.  The difficult sand dunes will not be repeated 
after the first day. There will still be  offered 50 miles each of the 
three days plus a 2 day 100, which is also the IAHA Region 17 Championship, 
and a 3 day 150.  On the third day is a 1 day 100 miler which is a 
qualifier for the 2001 Pan Am Championship.  There will be no repeat loops 
in the 100 miles as there is over 100 miles of marked trails.  All vet 
checks will be in base camp.

A professor from the Vet College at Saskatoon will be doing research to 
quantify electrolyte and fluid losses in the horse at this ride. This 
service will be included in the entry fee. This will tell the amount of 
each electrolyte your horse is losing so you will be able to know if you 
are supplementing adequately.

If you have any questions please contact me:  Myna Cryderman, email:

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