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Re: RC: Stallion Behavior

In a message dated 6/21/01 4:46:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

What I meant was I
expect my horse to stand or slow down and let another horse trot by
without kicking, biting, or any other form of aggression.  I expect him
to allow another horse that he has never seen to trot right on his butt
without kicking.

Yes indeed to expecting any horse in public to GENERALLY (everyone gets
excited once in a while, especially riders!) stand for this sort of thing. I
don't however EVER want another horse, mine or someone else's, right on my
horse's butt - besides the obvious - getting rightly kicked - is the
potential for stepping on the heels of the horse in front. Sheesh - too many
miles of having horses scraped by tailgaters speaks loudly to me - stay off
of other horses' butts. Most people would feel horrible if their horse
stepped on the horse in front of them and pulled a shoe. Most people.

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