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Re: RC: Lynne Glazer - Malibu LD BC

It's amazing how completely one can be understood in print.  Hey, 
y'all out there, tell me if you drew the same conclusions that she 
did about my post.  I've sure received a ton of positive mail in 

I am *all in favor* of LD BC, and feel that the WHOLE FIELD should be 
considered in deciding who gets the award.  AERC feels differently 
and the RULES say that only the top ten may be considered if the ride 
manager wants the winner to have their points counted and be included 
in the EN listing.

AERC favors racing for top ten on LDs, since that is the only way to 
be considered for BC.  I'm against that.  Don't think I can say it 
any clearer.

3 years of managing the Norco Riverdance ride and awarding BC to 5 
places the last two, and in all years considering the whole field. 
That is a track record, I'd say, about my LD attitude.

Please re-read my post.  I was not in any way denigrating the fact 
that you were doing LD rather than endurance.  I'm pretty sure I was 
advocating LD, and that people have their own reasons for doing LD 
that may mean that they never move on to the longer distances.

My mare has 320 miles of LD, matter of fact.  More LD miles than 
endurance miles, though we've pulled a lot on 50s, only once on LD. 
I'm the type of rider that pulls at the hint of trouble, and so far, 
that has served us well.


At 11:46 AM -0700 6/20/01, Garner wrote:
>Dear Lynn:
>I'm not sure what you are getting at.  I did not top 10.  Is that why my
>horse doesn't deserve Best Condition at the Hog Wild?  The vet determined he
>should receive the award, not the Ride Manager.  The vet made his decision
>based on his scores during all the vet checks.  To me it makes sense that
>best condition means best condition.  Before anyone gets excited, I know
>there are a lot of great horses out there that can come in first place AND
>be in best condition.  In this case, my husband who was camp observed the
>front runners come in.  Also,  just because this was my horse's 2nd ride,
>doesn't mean it was my second ride.  I am aware that in the 50 mile rides
>best condition must be in the top ten.  The whole point of my reply was to
>encourage people to slow down a little, especially on the LD rides.  My
>husband, a nonrider, thinks that endurance is cruel.  That's because he
>stays in camp and has to see the horses being treated.  He also sees how
>some horses come in, looking like something a cat hawked up.  We all know
>that most riders take of their horses.  The last thing they want is
>metabolic or lameness problems.  My husband sees a different side of this
>sport sitting in camp waiting for me.  When I bring my horse in, I want the
>horse to look like he can do another loop, another 25 miles, whatever.

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