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RE: sunburned lips

Then there was the old cowboy out in Oreana, Id. that came into Steph's a
while back. It was hot and the sun was burning down. He calmly lifted his
horse's tail, wiped his finger below and then rubbed it into his lips. When
asked if this kept his lips from burning and blistering he stated "HELL NO,
but it shore keeps me from licking them and making them worse"

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The best sunscreen I have found, non greasy and rubs in well is plain old
Walgreens.  My regular lipstick and all purpose everything is chapstick
ultra with 30 sunscreen.  I wear it all the time.  I have them everywhere,
in the truck, purse, camper, saddlepack, etc.  I get huge coldsores from sun
and as long as I have used this, it has worked great......mb

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