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Post from Ride Manager of Kanapolis Canyon

I was asked by Robin Kurtz to post this to ridecamp:

I want to extend my personal apologise to the riders at this past
Kanopolis Canyon ride. And an
explanation for the problems.

First of all, in May we went up the mark trail and it was all in-tact.
The flooded  areas that Connie
Farmer experienced during her ride the week before were dry and safe to
ride.  When we arrived
on Wed. before the ride, we were informed that the entire "blue" loop
along the water was flooded
beyond any hope of repair.  We had to scramble big time to make a trail
from the pieces that we
had left to work with.  Making them safe and rideable.  With only 1 day
to do this, and me not
being able to ride, due to a horrific horse wreck 2 weeks before, we had
two options, 1) try to
find a reasonable passable trail or cancel the ride on Thursday.  We
chose to try for the trail.  Yes,
we made mistakes and the 50 mile riders were the ones effected most.
When you try to "add here
and subtract there", the logistics are pretty hard to do. I believe you
are right, the trail was longer
than we believed, but not by a tremendous amount.  The contrib uting
factors were the

The ride in May, had a winning time of 6 1/2 roughly.  The ride in 1999
with full unaltered trail,
had a winning time of 7 hrs. +.  I know personally both winning riders
and I think that the ride in
May, was possible shortened due to the partial flooding.  I don't know
that for a fact, but it is at
least a very real possiblity.  I don't think you can compare the two

The other problem was a lack of communication for the 50 milers when we
made the decision to
extend their ride time.  We thought we had told everyone, but it is
clear now that we didn't get the
information to everyone.  For that I am deeply sorry. I certainly was
not my intention.

So, with all of that said, I have contacted AERC and the rules committee
today.  I can not go
back and re-do the ride.  But I can make the best possible adjustments
after-the fact.  All 50 mile
riders that were not pulled for metabloic problems or lameness will be
given 50 mile completion
credit for this ride.  I hope that will at least give some small solice
to those of you who rode one
very tough ride.  You deserve the completion.  I am hoping that with the
addition of 60,000 acres
available to us for the next time we will be able to map out a trail far
enough from the flood plane
lake. It would be a shame to have a blight on this most beautiful area
to ride.

Thank you all,

Robin Kurtz, Kanopolis Canyon ride manager.

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