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Hoof Lifting Manners

When my horse was young (900#) and feisty my farrier demonstrated that I
could actually heave her off balance when she resisted by getting under her
and lifting.  This worked especially well on the hinds so we worked those a
lot.  I'm not a strong person and so I was stunned that I was able to do
this - but not nearly as stunned as my horse.  After a being staggered a few
times she got religion.  She thinks I have amazing powers ;-)

Bear in mind that her behavior was purely obnoxious; she was not resisting
because of pain or fear.

She is now 7 years and 1200#; still a horse of some temper but a child could
handle her hooves.

I have used this technique successfully on larger, older horses.  I'm sure
there are exceptions, I just haven't run across them yet.

The usual disclaimers on safety and good judgement apply...
Tina Rushing

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> So what is the BEST way to retrain a horse who likes to snatch his foot
> from the farrier?

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