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Help! I need a saddle quick

Hey all -

I thought it couldn't hurt to throw this out to the

We're leaving for a 2 week horseback vacation this
weekend, and I find myself short a saddle. I
desperately need to lease, beg, borrow or steal (or
buy) a round skirt western or endurance saddle for a
fairly stocky well-sprung Arab. It needs a tree
approximate to a Sharon Saare CC (ie fairly wide at
the withers, a curve to the spine - not a straight
back horse, but not sway-backed either). A Big Horn
endurance seems to fit but the center fire rigging on
it does NOT work. Need a 15 or 15 1/2" seat, don't
care if horn or no, don't care if leather or no. Will
of course pay shipping to get it to me asap, and will
consider purchasing it IF it fits my horse. Got
something that sounds like what I need that you are
willing to part with for 2 weeks, or to sell? Please
contact me asap. or 515-432-6403
(Iowa) so we can discuss details... 


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he's a little bit of
heaven on earth.

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