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Re: walter farley books?

Hi Susan,

I may have some duplicates.  Which titles are you looking for?  About 10
years ago I started collecting juvenile out of print horse books (my mother
saved some, but pitched out a lot of papebacks-sob)

I have found quite a few in thrift stores, and bought some I really wanted
from horse book dealers (paying $30 to $60 for hardcovers)

In the past several years I have found some terrific deals on ebay!

Also, I believe the Black Stallion books are still in print.....I have seen
them in bookstores.

Also, I have a box of horse book duplicates, most paperback, not collector
quality but very readable.  I can send you a lift of what I have left......

Hey, I have had more fun with this!  Years ago I read everything Dorothy
Lyons wrote, that the local libraties had, and several of Glenn Balch Tack
ranch series.  On ebay I have been able to find the ones I NEVER read!  Many
of these out of print horse books are wonderful!  I buy them for my kids and
my kid's friends....but I enjoy them as much as when I was younger!

The last 3-4 summers I have held a horse book reading hour.........I read
the entire Tack ranch series to interested neighborhood kids, and my kids,
for an hour or so, then the kids swam in the pool.  It was really fun.


From: "Susan Garlinghouse" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001 11:15 AM
Subject: RC: walter farley books?

> I'm trying to locate some of the now largely out-of-print Walter Farley
> books on the Black Stallion for my stepdaughter.  I put an ad into the RC
> Classifieds under Miscellaneous/Unclassified if anyone has any that they'd
> be willing to let go.
> Thanks,
> Susan G
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