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Re: Possible colic and what to do???

Lynda, before you try to solve the problem with just carbos, you might also
want to look at hydration and gut motility factors first.  Rather than
reinventing the wheel, take a look at the series of articles on my website
on beating the metabolic pull.  The first article is at, there are two more
articles after that that will eventually also cover carbo supplementation.
I don't have the final answers to *any* problems, but since those articles
came out in EN last summer, I've gotten a ton of positive feedback from
riders with chronic colicking problems that have seen alot of improvement.
Might be worth taking a look at it and seeing if any of it might work for
you during a ride.

It's worth mentioning that there *can* be discrepancies between the normal
vet check hydration parameters (skin tenting, etc) and true hydration
status.  Last summer, we saw bloodwork on horses that had hydration scores
of "A" all day, but chem panels that indisputably showed some clinical
dehydration.  Something we'll be looking at more closely during the Tevis
research project this August, but something for you to keep in mind as well.

Good luck solving the problem, I know how scary it can be seeing your horse
not doin' right.

Susan G

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> Lynda Thompson
> We did the third day of the Shellbourne XP ride.  The ride was really
> flat.  1 mile from the finish my horse kept trying to lay down so I had
> the vet look at him and he said possible gas pains or maybe an impaction.
> He checked him for dehydration but he was fine.  His potassium and glucose
> were low so we gave him some carbo-mixture.  He also had a shot of
> banamine.  My question is what could have caused this to happen and what
> can I do to prevent it in the future.  My horse is 12 years old and never
> had anything like this in his life.  Has anyone used Carbocharge and would
> it help to keep his glucose up?  I did not override my horse--we were 2
> nd. to last.  Our ride time would have been 8 hours but no completion
> because he had to be treated.  If anyone has any suggestions that might
> help I would really appreciate it.  Thanks..        Lynda
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