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Thanks Everyone & My Friend's Wreck

Hi All -
Two things tonight-
1. Hey, thanks so much for the get-well wishes, public and private. They really made me feel special, let me tell you all. My face is still pretty sore, in fact my front teeth are not doing too well, they're numb and the dentist says they will at the least be needing root canals, if they can even be saved. My gums are black and blue. My nose feels like I need to blow it, but it's because everything is so swelled up inside. If I open my mouth past a certain point, or push on my nose, or move my lower jaw forward, there is this immense pressure in my nose and it feels like my teeth want to separate from the rest of my mouth (So I guess I probably shouldn't be doing any of those things). I can feel this through the roof of my mouth, and it is pretty disconcerting. The breaks are in my upper jaw around my nose, and sinuses.
On a lighter note -
You all should see the colors of my face!!! NNNOTTT! Black/blue/green/red/yellow. (Mimi's got nothing on me!).  Three stitches in my lip, along with the grape popsicle look, and my gums are b&b, too. BUT, get this, my nose itself is not broken...AND most important - I can eat! Albeit carefully, and with little baby bites. Just with the side and back teeth, can't tear with the fronts, (can't feel 'em for one thing) and no hard food. I see the specialist this week. Today I had a hotdog and fries :>). Yawning? - well, we won't go there...
2. On a more serious note- My friend got hurt at the bitting clinic today. Her stallion bolted in the warmup ring, and she was thrown through the fence (she broke the middle rail), and landed outside the ring. Only complained of a very hurt leg, looked bright and alert, but later on she fainted 2x. She has a pretty bad concussion, but hopefully will be ok.
She wasn't wearing a helmet. I was wearing mine when I wrecked (now I have a beautiful new pretty silver one as of today). I have the bruise from my helmet on the side of my head I landed on (the facial injuries were from being dragged).
My helmet really and truely saved my life.
Once again, thanks for the kind words everyone-
Ride Safe -
Cheryl in WNY
Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

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