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Hello Riders, this is my first post as I am in diapers when it comes to my new Dell.  With the help of my kids I can grope my way through these electronic halls. Having a strategy meeting with Tom Sites here in the hills of Va.  Our little trek from Vienna to Budapest from now on will be known as B/V, in this transmission. Tom, myself Dr. Jeannie Waldron, and Potato will be riding V/B the last of Sept. It is in no way a race, we will be riding for the pure pleasure of riding V/B.  Having one of the top vets in edurance with us just makes things that much better.  Jeannie is excited and ready to go, Potato is always over there so he will show  up I know.  Tom and I visited the schools and homes of these kids last summer.  They need less than we thought but so little does so much there.  The schools are clean and orderley, the children clean and well behaved.  They need the smallest of things that we all take for granted back here.  Tom paid the enrollment fees for a beautiful gifted young girl, the nuns explained to us that  she would not be able to attend this gifted children school because it cost so much money.  Tom inquired as to how much money was involved.  It was less than $100, Tom reached into his pocket and handed the nun the $100 bill Dr. Beecher gave us after our party at the convention last year when we told you our intentions and asked for all of your blessings. Thanks Doc we put your money to good use.  This is not a large event, just 4 riders from the USA trying to make a difference with adventure and companionship being the reward.  We will be assisted by two of the best ground crews we could get, Steve Lewis from Ft. Lauderdale he not only can handle horses, he had bacon and eggs at the first vet check, every day of Eilands Renagade, need I say more. Tom Luallen of Wichita Ks. his gusto spirit and size was a driving force on the GAHR.  These two will coordinate vehicles, camps and supplies, we are very happy to have them help in this endevour.  We do need help in transporting some musical instuments for one of the schools.  They only had one request from us last year, and that was a Piano, the nun said if they could only get a piano they would be thrilled.  We are purchasing the piano in Budapest but will be shipping good used musical instruments to them.  We are giving them a music room.  Anyone having those good instruments packed upstairs or put away and never used send them to these kids, we will get them there.  We need UPS or FEDEX to help us ship them.  We would leave them a prominate place on our limited edition  t-shirt.  Anyone else wanting space on the shirt contact me at  Thanks for all the calls and support from all you riders .We will be providing updates of our progress.    We will be posting daily updates while in Europe.  May all your trails be well marked.  Larry Lewis    aerc 75

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