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Re: RC: RE: AERC nonmember fee idea/Board?

In a message dated Fri, 8 Jun 2001  2:43:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Bob Morris" <> writes:

<< So what you advocate is that if a rule or policy of AERC is the slightest
difficult to enforce, then that rule or policy should be deleted.>>

You missed half of the equation here, Bob.  The rule is not only difficult to enforce, but it also does not represent any principle of great importance to AERC, nor any great benefit to AERC.

<<Many of our so called ride managers are out
there riding the ride and if not riding the ride they are working instead of

I would venture that not  more than 10% of the rides experience any problem
with the current system. Those that do are the vocal minority. The system is
simple the rider either has a AERC membership card to present or they pay
the $10 fee or they do not ride. It is very simple. There is no hassle for
the ride manager there is no extra work for the office and there is no
misunderstanding for the rider.>>

It is pretty clear by the above statement that you have not managed a ride since this rule went into effect.  Yes, the way you describe it should be the way it works.  But what REALLY happens is that despite care and effort on the part of ride management to "card" riders (requiring either a valid membership card with the current year's sticker on it, or a faxed letter from AERC stating that the person has recently paid), AERC STILL bills ride management for non-member fees for paid-up members!  I have been billed for as many as 10% of my riders!  After months and multiple phone calls, it finally comes out that yes, indeed, all these people WERE paid-up members as of ride time.  The hassle is outrageous.  The other way to handle it is to simply pay the erroneous bill--and that simply is not right.  And no, this didn't happen just once or twice--it happens ride after ride after ride after ride.


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