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re: non-member fee

jean Wonser wrote
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>It occurs to me that the nonmember fee charged by AERC
is becoming a burden to rides early in the season.  (The 
Osceola ride was sent a bill for $70. for nonmembers at the end 
of March for mid Jan ride.  Accounts had been paid off, all money

I think the problem here is the ambiguity in the AERC membership form 
that says folks can wait till Feb to renew their membership.  The office
or board should come up with a clarifying statement that members must
be renewed before the 1st new season ride they enter OR by Feb, Then
RM's at early season rides could insist that entrants.  

A- present card with valid stick for current season, OR
B- renew membership at the ride (including payment to AERC), OR   
C- Pay a $10 deposit if the entrant says they renewed but
   have not gotten the new sticker yet.  It could be left
   to RM discretion whether to refund the deposit if they did not get
   billed by AERC or just keep the $10.  Folks that want to
   enter an early season ride should renew their membership
   in plenty of time, and a $10 penalty for being tardy would
   not be out of bounds.

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