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I have a place in Auburn Lake Trails and recently ( 4-5 months ago) put up
the horseguard fencing  (tape with wire through it) in green on 3" round
treated posts(also greenish).  Looks real nice - meets CC&R's and got lots of
compliments from local folks. I have Arabs of assorted ages and a stallion in
it, and the only thing I've noticed is the need to tighten the fence about
once a month to keep it looking good. The manufacturer indicates that as the
fence gets older, there will be less of a need to tighten it. Not dificult to
do. I had no-climb with wood posts and rails on top, at my La Honda (by Jack
Brook Horse Camp) home and it was great but expensive and needed lots of
upkeep. I would still have a no-climb playpen for new babies but really like
the horseguard so far and the horses do respect it. June

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