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From: Marlene Moss <>

>>Just don't go buy that electric tape that's a nylon woven material about an
inch or so wide with wire strands going through it.  There's varying quality
levels out there, meaning some may last a week or two and some up to a year.
Certainly not sufficient for a horse product!  We bought the stuff because
we thought it would add some visibility to the fence.  Yep, it was pretty
visible after it broke and was floating around like a kite, scaring the crap
out of the horses!<<
    Not true of Safe Fence which is approx. 2" wide, has 15 strands of stainless steel wire woven thru it and has the tensile strength of barbed wire. 
     I recently had a horse hit a 3 strand  Safe Fence running full speed when a dirt bike scared him.  The top strand pulled loose from the corner post and the next 2 strands stretched to where he got thru it to the next pasture.  It did not break and the horse didn't have a mark on him, despite a little brown fuzz that was deposited on the Safe Fence strands.   I reattached the top strand to the tensioner and tightened the other two strands and the fence was fixed in less than 5 minutes.
This fencing has been up for 9 years and is none the worst for wear.  I have 100 degree temps in summer and in the teens in the winter, occasionally in the single digits. I was told it should last at least 15 years.
I've been very happy with Safe Fence.  Only problem is the pressure treated posts which started rotting way too soon.  Wish I'd started out with their plastic posts.
Betty Edgar

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