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RE: RC: Fencing

I'm using Bayguard's "Horseguard" tape electric fence for cross fencing in the large pasture (main fencing is wood rail and 'stock' fence).  This stuff will not break!  Now, sometimes that can be a bad with high tensile wire...but at 1 1/2" wide, it's very visible and I've yet to get a horse injured with it.  As a matter of fact, we're going to replace the perimeter fencing (4" square wire stock fencing) with it as we are able.  All of my critters respect an electric fence, however newborn foals just don't get it and need much more of a physical barrier.  For that reason, we have a paddock that is all 1x8" 3-rail oak board fence.  Bayguard costs $70 per 600 ft roll so is not cheap but neither is the vet bill from one of the kids walking down the wire fence for the 'greener pasture' on the other side.  I'm kinda of a mixed impression with the board fencing.  Had a filly (yearling) try to jump a 5ft section and 'missed' taking down the top rail and straddling the second rail between her hind legs.  No injuries thank God, but I could just imagine what a jagged board could have done.  Scarry! But, then with electric, your looking at skewering them on the T posts too.  Guess in the long run, the only 'horse injury proof' fencing is no fencing and then just living out where they can rome for 100,000 acres!


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>     >>Just don't go buy that electric tape that's a nylon woven material about an
>     inch or so wide with wire strands going through it.  There's varying quality
>     levels out there, meaning some may last a week or two and some up to a year.
>     Certainly not sufficient for a horse product!  We bought the stuff because
>     we thought it would add some visibility to the fence.  Yep, it was pretty
>     visible after it broke and was floating around like a kite, scaring the crap
>     out of the horses!<<
>         Not true of Safe Fence which is approx. 2" wide, has 15 strands of stainless steel wire woven thru it and has the tensile strength of barbed wire. 

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