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Re: economical fencing for pasture

Been through all that, and observed lots of fencing.  Most common in my area (and a big no no) is T posts, with 3 ft. big square field fence, with two upper strands of barbed wire!  You would not believe all the horses I see in this stuff!  They will catch their feet and shoes on field fence, and T posts are an accident waiting to happen. If you already have them, they can be capped, but I sure would not BUY t posts!
I think electric is great, but only to separate areas, or put since existing fence.  Power will fair occasinally, and I would not want only electric between my horses and the road.
Forget that vinyl stuff, it freezes and breaks!
We were able to afford and install wood fencing, four rail, looks nice and has been very safe; but lot of mainenance.
SO, here is my most safest reccomendation.  Sink either 4 X 4 pressure treated square posts or peeler cores.  Buy 5 ft. HORSE
no climb fencing and stretch tight. A top rail of pressure treated will keep the horses from leaning over the wire.....this will be a very safe and nice looking fence, and minimal maintenance.  I personally post-crete my posts-then don't rot or lean.
Then again, if you want a safe and portable fencing (in case you move), you can get good deals on big orders op pipe panels.
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From: Robyn Levash
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 12:18 AM
Subject: RC: economical fencing for pasture

I have about 4 acres of pasture that I want to fence in. I am trying to decide what kind of fencing to put in that is both safe for the horses and yet economical. I live in California. Any suggestions, good/bad experience with fences, or where to buy fencing is really appreciated. Thank You!

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