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Re: RC: ZES saddles

Hi June & all

I ride a ZES and generally love it.  It's fit several horses well with only 
minor adjustments.  It can be taken apart all the way to the bare tree, and 
you will see the shims and pads inside.   The padding on mine has two large, 
main panels, and then pockets for smaller shims front and back on each side.  
  If you bought it used and don't have the extra shims, and need them, you 
can get them from the saddle maker, Boyd Zontelli.

A weak point in the saddle, IMO is the stirrup "leathers".   At least on my 
saddle, they are 2" biothane with a buckle which I believe is called a cam 
lock.   If it is adjusted properly (low) it rubs my ankle a bit.  If it is 
adjusted higher, it damages the saddle flap.  I covered mine with duck tape 
(i.e. can't be adjusted quickly) and sheepskin and pretty much solved the 

I don't think this saddle is quite as fine as some of the really top saddles, 
but I bought mine used for $800, not $2500!


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