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I don't know if OF will be OK. I know a dealer who said that on and off they 
are strapped for cash, and when he needs to make a payroll, he calls the 
dealers and offers them specials, but they have to pay with a credit card 
immediately to get the deal.  This person is no longer a dealer because he 
told all of the dealers that they either needed to make a HUGE purchase 
every month or no more.  This dealer is no more.

Carolyn Burgess
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Anonymous for now, Please None
This is a warning to those who may not be aware of the happenings at the Ortho-flex Saddle Co. Their doors were closed
on May 31, 2001. This will leave many dealers and unsuspecting people buying direct from Ortho-flex without the merchandice
they have ordered and paid for. You may want to contact the Attorney General of the state of Missouri and Arkansas,
as they (OF) have businesses in both states.

A friend of mine just wrote me that she called OF about her recent order and was told that they would be closed until July 2nd.  Let's wait and see what happens.  Maybe it will all turn out okay.

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