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Re: Re: Ortho Flex Endurance Cut Back

Hi Judith
  Thank you for the reply.  Does the Amigo have a
deeper seat than the Cutback?  Why do you like it better?
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> Judith Stirling
> Hi there,
> I have ridden OF saddles up & down our Welsh Hills for several years now -
love them, so comfy & secure & the horses (have six) all go really wwell in
them!  I have ridden on OF Patriot, OF Express Lite, OF Cutback & OF Amigo
(no horn) - so have had quite a lot of variety!  At the moment we have a
couple of Endurance Cutbacks - love them - can't use them on my old Arab
mare because when she accelerates I nearly end up going off the back -
something to do with her action (we have lift off!).  My hubby rides as
well, likes the Cutback but finds the seat a bit flat.  We have two Amigos -
which I must say we both prefer to ride in (never thought I would say that
in preference to the Cutbacks!) - also have found that whereas the Cutbacks
can slip forward on the steep downhills on some of the horses - the Amigos
do not move at all, & overall the horses all seem to go better under the
> Judith
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