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RC: Breeding Lease

Hello Jeri-
As we changed our program from breeding/racing to performance sports/racing
I was in a position such as yours.  I had exceptionally bred mares that
either or both had performance records/production records/very desirable
performance lines.  We had built our breeding program on the best mare
bloodlines and bred to Top 10 Racing Sires.   We found that leasing was a
wonderful way to share these superior bloodlines.  We currently have 2 mares
leased to endurance and one to racing farms.  We have leased at our ranch
and off.  We continue to sell and lease the wonderful creatures that have
been part of our family.  When the match is a good one, it is very
gratifying.  You say you would not be able to work 3 horses.  I understand!!
I am finally able to juggle ranch duties to compete one of our ex-racehorses
on a regular basis.  Of the 12 horses at our ranch, several horses are under
saddle and prime age for conditioning.  For lack of riding help with decent
skills (hands and seat!) these guys are not ridden regularly and that is a
sad thing.  Ah, well...    Back to your inquiry-   if your leasing situation
has checked-out and is a good one: don't worry/be happy!                KW

Kathleen Weickhardt and Larry L. Stewart
Sunnyland Racing Arabians

> wrote:
> >
> > This is not exactly on topic, but it does involve my former endurance
> > and the possibility of a new endurance horse for me some day.  Has any
> > out there had experience leasing a mare out for breeding purposes?  I am
> > using my mare. ...... Any words of
> > wisdom would be sincerely appreciated.  Thanks,  jeri

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