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What I found out today about my horse...

1# he's been lieing to me :-)

Today was the first ride we've done WITH our new HR monitors (Thanks again Roger!!).  Today I got to see just how in shape he was.  Weellll, he's a lot more in condition than he's been letting on!  So, his lazy butt will be expected to work a little further than I"ve asked him to in the past. And, yes, I understand that the HRM is not a tachometer and I need to listen to the horse.  However, I'm hearing 'I'm bored with this and really don't want to work any harder' and not "ouch, I'm hurting and really need to stop".  The moment I hear the latter statment from him we will stop.

#2 to quote a fave actor (deceased sadly) of mine "Holy Schnikey!!" can that horse TROT!!

I got a brave/wild/crazy hair today and decide to ride in the Natural Ride pad that my daughter has been riding in, but does not have the leg strength to ride in correctly.  So, since I have ridden him for only about 5 minutes total in this 'saddle' in the past I wasn't sure what to expect out of 'Mr. Jiggie-5-yr-old-every-thing-is-gonna-eat-me'.  Well, all went well...gonna have to do some major adjusting to either me or the Natural Ride if it's gonna be a long term relationship--but that's another story.  Anywho, on the way home, I let him go all out at the trot.  Well, we've done this before and I've been less than impressed.  Pretty much pegged this poor guy to be stuck with his English Pleasure liniage's sewing machine trot.  Nope--was aparently saddle related all along!  Cause, WOW, can this boy boogie!  Heck, I just grabbed some mane and held on for the ride.  I swear he would have been racking if I could have had a look under there!  Smoooooth!  Forget posting, heck I didn't even feel him do anything but float.  We hit this amazing trot for about 1 mile before I realized that we had left my daughter in the dust while she CANTERED her gelding.  Had the oportunity to catch a HR on the monitor--he was cruising at 148.  1/4 mile walk later we were at the barn with a HR of 50.

#3 For a 'low impact' aerobic workout for this gelding all I need to do is stand him next to a field of cows!!  HR ran in the 120's while he stood there terrified that thoes Angus were gonna chew through the electrified high tensile fence and get him.

Anyway, thought I'd write ya'll a note about one of the better days I've had this week :-)

Corrine Osborne

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