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Re: Western States 50

It is not AERC sanctioned because there was a loss of communications =
between Barbara McCarary and Potato.  I mailed her a change request in =
November 2000 and assumed that she received it.  She has no record of =
it.   However the ride will still be held on the date that she approved =
over the phone in October 2000 (July 7th) .  It is not possible to =
change the date and since there are no other rides to conflict the ride =
will go on!

To clarify two points:  It is correct that I did not receive a ride change
request from Potato; it is unfortunate and I truly regret this.  We assume it
was lost in the US mail somewhere.  But the date approved over the phone was
July 14th, not July 7th.  This is documented on the ride sanction application
on file in the AERC office and in my files at home.  The other point is that
there is another ride on July 7th, although it is a 100 mile ride, and I
would not anticipate a conflict with a 50.
Potato's will be a beautiful ride, as it always has been, being held on the
historic Western States Trail. Go.....and enjoy!

Barbara McCrary
West region sanctioning director

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