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4yr old doing a 25??


I have a 4yr old Pinto/Arab who is in good shape.  I am going to Vermont
for a horse vacation for a week.  I am taking my 4yr old.  I wanted to do the
25 CTR while I am there, but did not think I should take my 4yr old on the 25.

My vet who is very consertitive thinks we would be fine, and he can do it.  As
long as I just go for the expierence and not push him and try to win.  Take my
time and do it slow.

He has not developed his back muscles very well yet.  I'm sure the Vermont
Hills will help us alot in that area, so other then that, he is in good shape
has nice straigh and strong legs.

I am just looking for other opionions.


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