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Re: Ticklish vs. sore

Title: Ticklish vs. sore
A trainer showed me a trick ( if you can call it that) where he ran both thumbs on either side of the horse's rump, down the gluteus pass the dock of the tail. That horse tucked his hind in so quick, it looked like someone sprayed ice water up his butt. Was he sore? No. I think I did hear the horse giggle. A gal showed me how to tell a sore back by running a comb down the horses back. The horse almost dropped to it's stomach. Was it sore? No, she was just trying to sell a saddle. If I poke my thumbs down your spine, you will dip. If I use the flat of my hand, you won't. My point is, that sometimes it is way the pressure is applied that will make the horse "dip", not that is was sore to begin with. But I am so expert, that is just what I see. Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm
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Subject: Ticklish vs. sore

A horse may react because he’s ticklish, but if there is a specific spot that the horse DIPS his back at – he’s SORE.  The absence of the “dipping” does not mean that he’s not sore, as Bette indicated.  Great point to make, though, to make sure that we discern the difference. 


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