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Orthoflex Amigo

Cheryl, I rode my daughter's Amigo this weekend (30 miles) and it was very comfortable. From what I understand from the company, the leather on the fenders/panels of this saddle is a different type of  leather. It is the same kind of leather that Harley-Davidson uses on the motorcycles for things like the saddle bags. It is a bit stiffer, but so is the boars hide which I think the newer leather takes the place of. I couldn't swear to that, though. But that is just on the panels which need to be a little stiffer and tougher than the seat.  The seat leather is just as soft as my other saddles and nicely padded. The hardware, the panels and the tooling are just as wonderful as always. I am sure that my 12 year old daughter will still be riding in this saddle when she is grown and has kids of her own. Or else I'll take the darn thing back! Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm

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