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RE: RC: Fwd: RC: jogging/trotting on pavement

I dunno.  Here, we don't have a choice but to work on pavement.  If I didn't trot on pavement, I'd never get my horses out of the pasture.  But, in the same instance, I am careful and we 'built up' to extended trotting.  Also, I generally run my horses barefoot.  But, if someone's feet start to wear badly, I have them shod and have carbide 'tacks' applied to the bottom of the shoes for traction.  Works for us.

My major fear with pavement is not the concussion, but the slickness.


> ** Original Subject: RE: RC:  Fwd: RC: jogging/trotting on pavement
> ** Original Sender: "hope lundquist" <>
> ** Original Date: 28 May 2001 20:39:52 -0000

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> Hi Kelsey:  I would only walk my horse across any pavement. Certainly not 
> trot down the pavement! Asking for double trouble if you do. Maybe someone 
> could get away with it if the horse was wearing easy boots.

Corrine Osborne

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